What is a local expert?

Our local experts are passionate travel consultants that live and work in our destinations all over the world.  

With most travel companies, you book your trip with someone who doesn't even live in the country you’re traveling to, which means you often miss out on the added brilliance that local knowledge gives to your itinerary. We do things differently. At TravelLocal, your enquiry goes directly to a carefully selected local expert who will create your perfect trip according to your dates, budget, and preferences.

This setup doesn't only benefit you with a better holiday, it also helps to support the destination that you are traveling to. By cutting out much of the process that a traditional travel agency follows, a lot more of your money is freed to go into the economy of the country you are exploring.

In summary: TravelLocal carefully chooses only the best and most responsible travel agencies and protects your finances when it comes to booking - it is the local expert who works with you to make your dream trip a reality. 

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